Wanda Del Fuego

Words and music written by Martin Hall and copyrighted 2004. All rights are respectfully reserved.


a candle burns on a window sill in a caribbean port of call

     where there lives a maiden, jamaican, dark and tall

          her name is wanda del fuego and i have seen the fire in her eyes

               i sail home through this lonely night as passion lights the skies


wanda del fuego, baby, i love you

     soon i shall be by your side

          wanda del fuego, tomorrow i leave you

               i sail on the morning tide

                    sweet passion burns tonight

                         wanda your love burns bright


the sea is a lonely lover, the mistress no man fully knows

     yesterday not a breath of wind, now steady as she goes

          distance means more than miles these nights i am alone at sea

               then darkness yields to harbor lights where wanda waits for me


(reprise of chorus)


lonely days, lonelier nights i sail this empty sea

     certain only of tide and tempest and wanda, your love for me


(reprise of chorus)


wanda del fuego, wanda del fuego, i call your name

     wanda del fuego, there at your window i can see your candle flame

          sweet passion burns tonight

                wanda your love burns bright

                       and i shall be with you tonight