Sweet Mystery

Words and music written by Martin Hall and copyrighted 1992. All rights are respectfully reserved.


her eyes are dark and mysterious

     her hair a soft ebony

          she takes herself kind of serious***

               and she is a sweet mystery


the kind of love she is looking for

     is love that leaves her to be free

          she slips away if you ask for more

               she is a sweet mystery, can you see?


just playing her part until the day is done

     dancing in the dark until it is dawn

          you can love her, you can kiss her

                then one day you will miss her

                      and you will never solve this sweet mystery


when darkness falls and she calls for you

     she holds you close, tenderly

          but soon she is gone and leaves no clue

               she is a sweet mystery

                    she is a sweet mystery



*** I fully realize that SERIOUS should be SERIOUSLY as used here, but this song is about a girl who always used the phrase incorrectly, so it only fit that I use the term as she used it so often. Guess you had to be there . . . sheesh . . .