If Only

Words and music written by Martin Hall and copyrighted 1997. All rights are respectfully reserved.


if only once you had brought me flowers

     just one red rose

          if only once you had shared the hours

               when i cried alone

if only once you had shown you needed me

     as i once needed you

         leaving is the last thing i would do


if only once you had said "i love you"

     from your heart

          if only once you had been lonely, too

               when we would part

if only once you had made me feel

      it was i not passion on your mind

          i would not be leaving you behind


but you always said "if only . . ."

     if only you were free

          if only this or that were so

               you could be with me

                    you broke my heart in little ways

                         no single lie or crime

                              now i swear i have heard us say

                                   "if only . . ." one too many times

                                          "if only . . ."